New arrivals- The Classics

Look what’s new at the Book Shelf- a gorgeous set of classics. The titles range from Grimm’s Fairy Tales to Madame Bovary and The Call of the Wild. Wouldn’t these look great on your book shelf? The books are for sale individually or as a set.

The Book Shelf is open on Monday -Friday from 10 am – 7 pm and on Saturday from 10 am – 5 pm.



Summer Reading

For many students (and teachers and parents) in our area, today is the first day of summer break! Here is an actual clip of me teaching yesterday:


Come in to the Bookshelf to pick up some books for your summer reading!

New books!


Part of the joy of a used book store are the new books that come in every single day. Stop by this weekend to see what’s new on the shelves!

And as a reminder, we accept books in good condition for trade credit or cash.

See you soon,



Book Recommendation: The Red Tent


The Red Tent by Anita Diamant is one of the most captivating books that I have read in years. The main character is Dinah, a minor figure in the Book of Genesis and the daughter of Jacob and Leah. Diamant vividly brings to life the setting of Jacob and his family, and particularly the fellowship of Leah, Rachel, Bilhah, and Zilpah. Though the book is set in Biblical times, I would not say it is a religious book. True, I gained insight (albeit fictionalized) into the world of the book of Genesis, but I more so gained an appreciation for the world of the women and men who have come before me. The book is a coming of age story about Dinah, the community of her mothers, midwifery, betrayal, and love in its various forms. – Amanda

The Red Tent is for sale at the Book Shelf for $3.99.


(Note: This is the first in a new series of posts on book recommendations. If you see a book in the Book Shelf that you would like to recommend, let us know!)

Travel books


Come check out our great selection of travel books at the Book Shelf! They’re perfect for planning your next vacation or just dreaming in the comfort of our cozy chairs with a cup of coffee. IMG_0965

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Monday Craft Throwback

Who needs Pinterest when you have craft leaflets from the 90’s? Introducing our weekly craft throwback! Stay tuned each week as we revisit the inspired looks, the acrylic paints, and the disturbingly intricate wreaths of our collective creative past.

What are these two saying to each other? Respond in the comments!IMG_0970

Spring time means gardening!

IMG_0952It may be forecasted to snow this week, but it is Spring! The dandelions outside the door are growing abundantly, and we have plenty of books on gardening to keep you satiated until it’s time to till the garden beds.

There’s the very no-nonsense-sounding Straight-Ahead Organic, and the delightful How to Live on Almost Nothing and Have Plenty. 

The Book Shelf is open Monday through Friday 10 am – 7 pm, and on Saturday 10 am – 5 pm.

Monthly gathering ideas

Michael and Tony, patiently waiting for your excellent ideas.

At the Book Shelf, we’d like to be more than just a used book store full of fine and hard-to-find books – we’d like to be a place to meet new friends and gather in our community. As such, we’d like to host a monthly (or bi-monthly) gathering, and we are amassing ideas. Here are some that we have so far:

  • poetry slams
  • wine tastings
  • small concerts
  • book signings
  • local artist spotlights
  • tea parties (okay, that may just be my fantasy…)
  • author birthday or deathday parties (and another one from a rarely visited corner in my brain)

Do any of these strike your fancy? What else could we add? Let us know in the comments on WordPress or on Facebook, and perhaps you’ll see the event soon!