Our Story

Who we are:


– Amanda Poitevin –

Amanda is a fourth-generation native of Idaho Falls. She is a graduate of Idaho Falls High School, Wellesley College, and Idaho State University. When not rearranging books, she can be found tending to her chickens, cats, and foster kittens. Her favorite genres include historical fiction, history, fantasy, memoirs, and biography.

– Tony Chabis –51670514_148190076098568_7481506324354695168_n

As a young boy, Tony dreamed of being a wizard. Growing a beard and working in a bookstore was close enough. When not at the Book Shelf, Tony enjoys participating in slam poetry events. Tony has been with The Book Shelf since 2016.

– Michael Barber –DSCN0600

Michael began The Book Shelf with his father Alan in 2009. While he pops in to The Book Shelf frequently, he is VP of Business Operations at Accendero Software, Inc. Michael’s favorite genres are science fiction and historical non-fiction.

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