Used Book Buying Policy

Our Policy

We are happy to offer trade credit or cash for used books. You do not need an appointment to bring your books in. However, due to space limitations, please limit your books to one or two boxes or bags of books at a time. You will have the most success if these books are in good to excellent condition.

What we buy:

  • Used books in good to excellent condition

What we do not buy:

  • Books in poor condition:
    • Water damaged
    • Torn covers/dust jackets
    • Hardcovers without dust jackets
    • Books with stains
    • Books with broken spines
    • Books with odor or mildew
    • Books that we do not sell
  • Book Club editions
  • Ex-library books
  • Promotional items/advanced reader’s copies
  • Reader’s digest condensed books
  • Encyclopedias or partial sets of books
  • Most textbooks
  • Books that do not reflect our store inventory
  • Books with out of date information (travel, current events, etc.)

How we buy:

We will sort through your books to decide which books we will be able to take based on the above criteria. Then we will make an offer of in-store credit or cash. If you choose to receive store credit, you can use it right away, or we will give you a trade credit card to record your amount.

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