Monthly gathering ideas

Michael and Tony, patiently waiting for your excellent ideas.

At the Book Shelf, we’d like to be more than just a used book store full of fine and hard-to-find books – we’d like to be a place to meet new friends and gather in our community. As such, we’d like to host a monthly (or bi-monthly) gathering, and we are amassing ideas. Here are some that we have so far:

  • poetry slams
  • wine tastings
  • small concerts
  • book signings
  • local artist spotlights
  • tea parties (okay, that may just be my fantasy…)
  • author birthday or deathday parties (and another one from a rarely visited corner in my brain)

Do any of these strike your fancy? What else could we add? Let us know in the comments on WordPress or on Facebook, and perhaps you’ll see the event soon!

One thought on “Monthly gathering ideas

  1. I don’t know what this says about me, but my favorites from this list are the wine tastings, tea parties, and author’s birthdays!


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