Support The Book Shelf when you buy new books too

Big news!

You can now support the Book Shelf when you buy new books at When you purchase through and you see The Book Shelf in the upper left-hand corner, 30% of ANY purchase you make goes to support the Book Shelf!

This means that you can buy all the new books (and gifts) that your heart desires while still supporting us, a locally-owned, independent book store. When you order your book(s), your purchase will be sent directly to your home, and The Book Shelf gets a share of the sale. You can live anywhere in the country and still support The Book Shelf in Idaho Falls.

This is a great way to support Idaho Falls, support local businesses, and keep independent book stores like ours alive. We are excited for this next step for The Book Shelf, and we are forever grateful for you, our supportive community. We wouldn’t be here without you.

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